A course in contemporary music

9th to 12th of August we’ll arrange a music course in collaboration with the Conservatory of Music in Tromsø. 

Information about the music course
The course will take place during daytime Wednesday ‘till Friday. You will be instructed

in interaction with other musicians and improvisation. You will also receive individual instruction on your main instrument.
There will be opportunities to practice extra in the evening at the Music Conservatory (without a teacher).
Detailed schedule for the course will come closer to the course dates.

Participants in the course are offered free entrance to two concerts at the jazz festival: Ellen Andrea Wang Trio and Helge Lien Trio.

The course ends with a concert Saturday the 12th of August arranged by Tromsø Jazzfestival.

Practical Information:
Guardian/participant is responsible for transportation and lodging.

There will be simple dining in the form of bread and fruit during the course.

We are not responsible for participants outside scheduled lessons.

The price per participant is 1500 NOK.

Please notice that the course will only be held if there are enough participants registered.

Register here.

Sergej Schroeter