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Photo: Trine Hisdal

Photo: Trine Hisdal

Hanne Hukkelberg is one of Norway's most vital and distinctive artists. She has delivered quality music to music lovers worldwide for a number of years, having mastered the art of moving seamlessly between genres with her personal sound - be it electronic knit-pop accompanied by rainy weather, lyrical post rock with freezer and oven streams, or experimental indie with cutlery synth. Four authentic albums have been released, praised and applauded internationally. The albums have been on top of the best releases of the year. NPR, Sunday Times and BBC, and Hukkelberg has made several worldwide tours. Moreover, she has received the Spellemannsprisen for the Rykestrasse 68 album.

Hanne Hukkelberg is now out with a new album. This time, with greater freedom, as she has produced the album herself. She retrieves inspiration from experimental pop, and has also been inspired by more rhythmic genres closer to electronics and even hip hop. The elements are picked apart and nicely put together again, in an undeniable Hukkelbergish way.

A lot of the inspiration for both text and music in her newest album is derived from something that characterizes everyday life to most of us - "The relationship between human and machine, psyche and the internet, and nature and technology embarrass me. What does this do with us? In music I am keen to catch the spirit of time and I see it as my task to reflect the time we live in. My opinion is that technology does something to people and the way we live. It also characterizes how I make music, how I sing and what I sing" - Hanne Hukkelberg.

”After one listen to this album, you’ll be freaked out. After several, you’ll start to pick it apart, to understand it, and you will end up raving about it to everyone you know. Hanne has been to some dark places in making Featherbrain, places that few people would choose to go. We can only admire her bravery as a musician for doing so”.  - The Stool Pigeon

Doors open at 8PM.

Age limit: 18+

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